SMSF Audit Process

The Independent Super Auditors’ SMSF Audit Process is a fast, efficient and easy to follow process.

Step 1:

You fill in and submit the SMSF Audit Request Form

Step 2:

We will send you the Engagement Pack comprising:

  • Engagement Letter
  • Trustee Representation Letter
  • Required Document Checklists

Step 3:

You submit documents via email, fax or mail.

Step 4:

Upon receive all the required documents, we will commence the audit. In the meantime, based on the information you supplied, we will also issue a Proforma Invoice to you so that we can reach an agreement on fees at the early stage to ensure no surprise later on.

Step 5:

Update on required information. Throughout the course of the SMSF audit, we will keep in contact with you and advise you if any additional documents, information or clarification is required.

Step 6:

Audit completed, agreed fee paid & SMSF Audit Report Pack will be sent to you.